The Composition

The composition of the
" Flowers of Love" are the following noble flowers and precious ingredients:

Jasmine, Lily of The Valley, Tuberose, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood & Peach.

Jasmine is a white star shaped delicate flower that has a very sensual fragrance. It is cultivated in the fields around Grasse in Cote D'Azur. The flowers are gathered at dawn during the month of July.

Lily of The Valley:
Lily of The Valley has an unforgettable scent. Its small white bell-like flowers bloom in mid to late Spring in the fields around Grasse.

Tuberose is an elegant flower and is also cultivated in Grasse. An old story tells that young girls should not inhale the fragrance of Tuberose in the evening for fear of going into a voluptuous mood.

The following notes are added to enhance the fragrance and add warmth, power, and sensuality to the
"Flowers of Love".

This note is added to the composition of the " Flowers of Love" to give the fragrance power and sensuality. It resembles in its properties the very sensual animal scent of the musk deer which lives in the Hamalayas.

The Sandalwood essence is obtained from the Indian sacred tree Santal. This tree grows in Mysore in Southern India. Sandalwood has a warm fragrance and is very precious.

Amber has a warm and oceanic scent. It is expelled naturally by the Sperm whale into the sea and found on the shores. It is a rare raw material.

The Peach fruit note is added to give the " Flowers of Love" sparkling freshness.

The most noble of French flowers from the fields of Grasse in Cote D'Azur and the rarest of ingredients have gone into the original composition of the
" Flowers of Love" created by a French Master Perfumer.

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